Rachel Bungey





Rachel work asks questions around environmentalism - what is the language of nature, how do we create a feeling of connectedness to it, what shapes, colours, materials allow us to do this. Will learning the language of nature better equip us to navigating our current ecological crisis? Exploring form and balance, Rachel thinks about what is needed to live in a more symbiotic relationship with the natural world. Influenced by various forms of meditation, Rachel aims to think about presence and reflection within her work, using sculpting as a form of meditative practise. With an interest in public art she aims to explore creating spaces that allow you to reflect.

Exploring these ideas through the physical and digital realm, using new technologies such as 3D printing, VR, 3D sculpting. Rachel is currently working towards a project that will use a 6 axis robot arm, as well as experimenting with traditional carving sculpture techniques. Rachel is interested in free open sourced technologies and programs that challenge our current power structures. Her research is also been exploring materials, thinking about how we can experiment with bio materials, aiming to connect the sculptural work further to the natural world. 

After moving to Tokyo Rachel began an art and design studio - Mantis Studio to fund her art practise. And now back in London she also works for Untold Studio as a creative. She has worked as a creative / art director in the music industry for 7 years. With a focus on graphic design and art direction she has worked on many musicians album campaigns, notably Nines, King Krule, Nao, Lapsley, Jai Paul, Adele, Rag'n'Bone Man, Jamie XX, Kamasi Washington, Radiohead and Hak Baker. 

Her art practise is a personal practise which she is developing alongside comissioned design work and will be joining the Royal Collage of Art in September 2021 to study Sculpture.